Friday, November 20, 2009

WSO2 Business Process Server 1.1.0 is Released

WSO2 Business Process Server (WSO2 BPS) team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of the easy-to-use open source business process server that executes business processes written following WS-BPEL standard.

WSO2 BPS v1.1.0 is available for download at [1].

The WSO2 BPS v1.1.0 is developed on top of the revolutionary Carbon platform[2] (Middleware a' la carte), and is based on the OSGi framework to achieve the better modularity for you SOA.

An open source product, WSO2 BPS v1.1.0 is available under the Apache Software License (v2.0) . This includes all of the extra integration and management functionality as well.

New Features in WSO2 BPS v1.1.0
- Apache ODE trunk is used as the BPEL Engine
- New WSO2 Carbon integration layer for Apache ODE
- BPEL Process Versioning Support
- Support for invoking secured(Using WS-Security) partner services.
- Experimental clustering support
- Invoke activity recovery support through management console
- E4X based data manipulation support for BPEL assignments
- BPEL Extension support for extending WS-BPEL language
- Equinox P2 based provisioning support - extend your BPS instance by installing new P2 features [5].

Other Key Features
- Deploying Business Processes written in compliance with WS-BPEL 2.0 Standard and BPEL4WS 1.1 standard.
- Ability deploy BPEL event listeners
- Managing BPEL packages, processes and process instances.
- WS-Security support for business processes.
- Ability to use external data base system as the BPEL engine's perssitence storage
- Caching support for business processes.
- Throttling support for business processes.
- Transport management.
- Internationalized web based management console.
- System monitoring.
- Try-it for business processes.
- SOAP Message Tracing.
- Web Services tooling support such as WSDL2Java, Java2WSDL and WSDL Converter.
- Customizable server - You can customize the WSO2 BPS to fit into your exact requirements, by removing certain features or by adding new optional features.

How to Run
1. Extract the downloaded zip.
2. Go to the bin directory in the extracted folder.
3. Run the or wso2server.bat as appropriate.
4. Point your browser to the URL https://localhost:9443/carbon
5. Use "admin", "admin" as the user name and password.
6. If you need to start the OSGi console with the server use the
property -DosgiConsole when starting the server

Known issues
All the known issues have been filed here [3]. Please report any other
issues you find as JIRA entries.

Contact us
WSO2 Business Process Server developers can be contacted via the mailing lists:
For Developers:

Alternatively, questions can also be raised in the Business Process Server forum

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For more information on WSO2 Business Process Server, visit the WSO2 Oxygen Tank[4].

Thank you for your interest in WSO2 Business Process Server.

-The WSO2 Business Process Server team

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